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Have you ever needed a Fairy Godmother?
Vivid Events is an experienced team of event professionals who are here to assist you with any level and every aspect of your event.  Here are a few familiar faces:

Sara Johnson                 
I was raised in Georgia but I have an unquenchable thirst for world travel. I love working with my hands - whether it’s renovating the home I share with my husband Jeremiah and our cats, cooking, building furniture, decorating cakes, or painting anything that will sit still!  My education is in Crime Scene Processing and Forensic Chemistry but I’ve been in the events industry for almost 10 years.
While I’m a nerd at heart, my passion lies in being able to produce the vision, atmosphere, and memories that my clients dream of for their special day. I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing and creative companies, which immensely contributes to the success of my events. As a Monster Maker – yes, that was my real title - I created custom masks and costumes for one of the top-rated haunted houses in the country. I then moved into sports-related and VIP events, handling large-scale events, after parties, and private security. I’ve worked with some of the top caterers and designed special events programs for venues, private clubs, and restaurants across the country.
While I may wear heels in the office, I crave the physical setup of a party! I love working long days, setting up tables, and hanging chandeliers in tents – it’s all worth it when I see the amazed expression on a client’s face. I have a fierce work ethic and embrace the personalized details that go into every party.  My favorite events are themed parties and ones with bold, bright colors that give a festive atmosphere.  No matter the occasion, the best feedback from my clients is when they say, “I was like a guest at my own party – I didn’t have to worry about anything except having fun!”
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Dani Buchner

Hello!  I'm Dani.  When I'm not working, I'm either volunteering at a Therapeutic Riding Clinic, convincing myself not to adopt another dog, or planning new travels!  I love going to new cities and countries, and I love that my work allows me this privilege - no place is too far for me!
Though my education is in the sciences, I've worked in Event Planning for several years.  I enjoy hearing about people's decisions for their parties and I love seeing how everything comes together!  When I first started, I helped from start to finish; set-up, serving, and break down.  Making sure that every little detail is perfect is just habit at this point!
My favorite part of any event is seeing the guests enjoy the function - whether it's dancing the night away with the newlyweds, or enjoying the food and sweet details at a dinner party.  My favorite event I ever worked was a wedding where the heavens opened during the ceremony and the torrential downpour followed well into the outdoor reception.  The guests, bride and groom included, didn't think twice: everyone took off their shoes, rolled up their pants hitched up their dresses (Bride and all!) and danced in the rain late into the night.  Even though the entire event staff was soaked, we had a blast because our guests were having a great time!  Actually, there has never been a party I didn't enjoy - each function is wonderful and exciting in its own way!
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Lauren Hargrove

Hi!  I'm Lauren, and I came into the world of events through working at Georgia College and State University's Resident Student Association where I organized weekly themed functions for students and residents.  My background in Mass Communications means that I love meeting new clients, getting together for planning meetings, and then taking their ideas back to the office to put a fresh spin on their design. 

I'm a Savannah native, but there are always new things to discover as I take clients through town and tour venues or historic locations with them.  I love animals, and all things cheery and green!  Although I have never owned a dog I hope to soon (but I may get along with cats more).  I enjoy video games - probably way too much - and I am quite the movie and theater critic!  I also love to perform.  I drink coffee all day and my perfect dinner would probably be a heaping plate of sushi.
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Elise Colcord

As a constant craver of new adventures, I’ve deemed myself a nomad by nature. Hence my recent migration to Savannah, GA.  Also, throughout my college years I moved four times. In each move, I made amazing acquaintance with my roommates who had personalities ranging all over the spectrum. With each novel adventure, I went on impromptu road trips, fell into some great, unknown(to my mainstream radio ears), music scenes and work with local personalities which produced some of my more fun feature pieces.

 Graduating from GCSU with a Journalism major, I discovered a few things about myself: I love learning about people and what makes them tick. Exercising, in any form, for me, mostly distance running, Frisbee or soccer, are great creative outlets. Working with my hands is a satisfying sense of accomplishment. And lastly, a great Cup O’ Joe goes a long way, firing up the neurons to efficiently do any job or crank out an 11th hour story.

Having dabbled in other jobs, I keep coming back to the service industry. It was initially a side job to pay for my college. Seven journals and random short stories lying about my room later, I realized I enjoy working with people. There’s something gratifying about ensuring they have a great experience whether it’s directly working with them or recognizing their contributions through a written piece.

I’m excited to join an already dynamic team with Vivid Event and look forward to helping clients enjoy their ideal vision on their special day!
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