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We're not mind readers,
but here are some great questions:

Why should I hire an Event Coordinator?    

The average wedding takes approximately 250 hours to plan; that's equivalent to over 6 full work weeks! A Coordinator can save you time spent researching and planning.  A Coordinator can also help you prioritize your vendors, get your budget in order, provide qualified vendor referrals, accompany you to vendor meetings and know what questions to ask, review vendor contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and save you money…  Not to mention a Coordinator provides creative décor and design ideas!  The final month prior to your event, a Coordinator will confirm your vendors, make both a diagram and a timeline, run your rehearsal and ceremony, and be there to make sure that you, your family, and friends enjoy a totally stress-free day!




I am already working with a Catering Manager at
my venue, and he/she is very helpful. 
Is a Coordinator the same thing?

No.  Typically, Catering Managers at hotels or venues have the job of overseeing the wedding details that are directly related to the venue (and sometimes the food and beverage as well).  It is not in their job description to confirm your vendors, run your rehearsal or ceremony, oversee the vendors on your wedding day, cue you down the aisle, and make sure all of the day’s events are running according to schedule.  As professional  Coordinators, our services supplement the services offered by your Catering Manager, Banquet Manager & Staff, and other vendors.  Feel free to discuss specific job duties with your Catering / Venue Manager… we’re confident that they’ll always recommend having a qualified and experienced Event Coordinator for your function. We take great pride that we provide a hands-on approach to both planning and execution of events; you'll never see our team members just standing in the corner with a clipboard pointing at vendors!  We are the first people on site and the last to leave, and take vested care of your event while you are able to simply enjoy the vision that you have created.


 Can I afford an Event Coordinator?

Event Planners help you get the best possible services with your specific budget; regardless of its size…This translates into savings.  A planner's knowledge can also help in negotiating the details of services received for each dollar spent, getting the highest quality you can afford.  Vivid Events charges a flat fee based on the planning package (or custom options) that you choose – your rate is never based on your budget!  Our clients find that our fee is largely, if not more than, recouped in savings based on our experience and negotiations.  We have worked with budgets of $5,000 to $400,000 – and everything in between – and our only goal is to give you the event of your dreams regardless of that number!


I would like to have my event in Atlanta (or Charleston,
Athens, Savannah, Paris, etc...) Do you travel?

Absolutely! We love to travel, and what better way than helping someone to celebrate an event?  There may be additional coverage charges incurred based on your particular logistics, but everything will be outlined in your contract before you sign.  We can hold meetings in whatever city is most convenient for you – or grab coffee halfway in between!  While meeting in person is best, we are also comfortable with a combination of phone, email, and Skype planning sessions as determined by your schedule.


 How do I determine which Package I need?  What if I don't see exactly what I am looking for in one of your Packages?

No worries!  We are here to help.  When you make contact, we will ask a few questions in order to learn more about your upcoming event.  Then, we are happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation.  This is a chance for us to get to know each other to see if we’re a good fit to work together.  At the consultation we will discuss your event and your specific needs, as well as answer any questions you have about design, coordination, and management.  After learning more about your needs, we will determine if a certain package is recommended, or we will customize something for a perfect fit to your event.


 I would like to plan my wedding myself, and hire a
Day-Of Coordinator.  Are you available for that?

Sure thing.  We are honored to assist with any portion of the planning and execution process of your event.  Lots of brides and grooms choose to DIY-it and then hire someone to tidy up loose ends and run the actual wedding.  You choose the level of involvement for your celebration – and you can always upgrade to a more detailed service package if you choose to do so later!


 How do I secure Vivid Events' services?

At our consultation, we will discuss the recommended approach for your particular event.  We will take that information and fill in a Service Retainer contract, based on your date and availability.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date, which is applied to your balance.  50% of the remaining balance is due 90 days before your event, and the resulting total is due 45 days before your event.  Simply submit the Service Retainer and deposit to secure Vivid Events’ services and begin planning.  Please see your contract for change-of-date conditions and other details.


How many weddings or events will you
coordinate in one day?

Vivid Events will only take one wedding or event per day, per wedding consultant.  We give our full attention to each client’s event by not over-scheduling and only take a limited number of events per year.  The planner that you work with from the beginning will be the actual day-of coordinator for your event.

What are your office hours? 

There is no such thing as a "normal day" for an event planner!  While we are in a traditional office, the majority of our meetings take place off-site such as for location tours, catering and cake tastings, or floral design sessions.  To make sure that you have our full attention and that we are prepared for your meeting, we do not accept walk-in clients.  Office hours are 9am-5pm but may be punctuated when we are on-site for meetings, and we return phone calls and emails as soon as possible.  Please keep in mind that Fridays and Saturdays are days that we execute events and office hours may be abbreviated, and that we are closed on Sunday and Monday.
Having a schedule that consists of Friday-Saturday for event days and Sunday-Monday as their 'weekend' is common with vendors in the events industry, so we all ask for your patience when gathering inquiries from vendors who may not be on a traditional weekday layout, as we work diligently to create the event of your dreams!


 How do you choose which vendors to refer for my event?

Vivid Events treasures our close vendor relationships, and recommends service providers based on the needs of your specific event – the location, style, your personality, and best service or product for your budget.  We never mark up referred vendor products, accept kickbacks, or a commission… The client pays the vendor directly based on the recommendations that we all agree on, and the entire process is transparent.  We do, on occasion, negotiate special rates for our clients based on the vendor and availability (no guarantees!), and that savings is directly applied to your invoice with the vendor.


Can I rent your decor or order custom items
without using a planning package?

Absolutely!  We are happy to assist with any portion of your event.  All rental items and custom decor are reserved with a separate contract from that of planning services, and are subject to applicable sales tax.  Specific details for rental, damages, or transportation will
be outlined on your rental contract.  We also welcome rentals by
photographers for stylized photo shoots!


 Can I speak with your former clients for references?

Of course!  The best compliment that we could receive is a referral for business.  If you desire to speak with previous clients and other event industry professionals, we will contact them with the request and your availability.  We do not give out previous client’s information (respectfully, just as we will never give out yours), so they can contact you to discuss your questions.


 Is this your full-time job?

Yes it is.  Unlike part-timers, our availability is never compromised by another line of work.  You will always be able to reach us in a timely manner, and we respond promptly to emails and messages.  We are also involved in many professional wedding organizations.  Vivid Events will only refer vetted vendors for your event, and recommends professional staffing which we have worked with for years and truly trust with the integrity of our professional reputation.